Japanese Knotweed Surveys

knotweedJapanese Knotweed can rapidly overgrow landscapes and cause serious structural damage. If unchecked it will choke watercourses, private properties, business units, derelict land, and woodlands. It is a significant problem in land restoration and causes serious problems including expensive delays in development projects.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981, makes it an offence to spread Japanese knotweed.

Section 34 of the Environment Protection Act, 1990, places a duty of care on all waste producers to ensure that any wastes are disposed of safely.

For further details regarding Waste Regulations, contact the Environment Agency (0800 807060)

How we can help

We provide Japanese knotweed identification, management and eradication services as Japanese Knotweed if left un-checked will rapidly overgrow landscapes and can cause serious structural damage. It can be responsible for un-wanted and costly delays in planning applications,

We will survey the site and mark up on a site plan the positions and spread of the Japanese knotweed including any boundaries it grows over.

It is best identified during the summer months when in full leaf and / or during its flowering period in late summer.

Once identified we will provide you with an eradication management plan; including a site specific solution for eradication.

We supply detailed reports to planning authorities to discharge planning conditions and provide plans for eradication in relation to property purchase.

Urban Forestry Group provides Japanese knotweed identification surveys that include the recommended course of action for its management, destruction and disposal.