Project Summary:

Chester West and Chester Council Planning Status: Approved

Urban Forestry Group had been asked by Candover Estates to provide in support of a planning application the following information:

  • BS 5837 Tree Survey
  • BS 5837 Arboricultural Impact Assessment and Method Statement
  • Soft Landscape Scheme - as described in the highlighted section of the Chester West and Chester Council – Delegated Report 13/02350/OUT as follows:

“Where trees are lost on this site either through development or identified for removal for other reasons by the tree survey, replacements should be planted within the site to provide a continued landscape”.

Site Layout Problems:

It is understood that the boundary treatment around the site is to consist of an enclosed post and wooden panel new fenceline. We will include where suitable; low maintenance planting in-keeping with the space available.

Site post development

(Images coming soon)

Landscape Design Recommendations:

The soft landscape plan will be drawn up using the existing ‘BS 5837 tree survey proposed site layout including outline tree protection plan’ – site plan.

Final Landscape Proposal:

This landscape scheme has been approved by Knowsley Borough Council.

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