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Project Summary:

To obtain approval; Urban Forestry Group was asked to provide a detailed landscape design proposal at the scale of 1:200 for a nine plot residential housing scheme at Alamein Road in Huyton, Liverpool to satisfy ‘Planning Condition 9’ sections A - F as follows: 

Planning Condition 9:

The development hereby permitted shall not be commenced until a detailed landscaping scheme has been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The scheme shall be submitted at a scale of 1:200 and shall include the following:

  • A. The exact location and species of all existing trees and other planting to be retained.
  • B.  All proposals for new planting and turfing indicating the location, species, size, specifications, numbers and planting densities per sq m of all new planting.
  • C.  This shall include a minimum of 3 trees to the site frontage at a minimum size of 30-35cm girth.
  • D.  An outline specification for ground preparation.
  • E.  All proposed hard landscape elements and pavings, including layout materials and colours.
  • F.  The proposed arrangements and specifications for initial establishment maintenance and longer term maintenance of all planted and/or turfed areas.

Knowsley Council
Planning Department.

Site prior to development (click images to enlarge)

Site Layout Problems:

Analysis of the proposed site layout plan illustrated:

  • Six existing mature trees situated on the northern boundary to be removed as they conflict with the proposed car parking spaces.
  • Positioning of wooden planter boxes should be re-positioned in relation to public access.
  • Road edges are considered too narrow for pedestrian pathways adjacent to the site entrance.
  • The size of the three required trees [planning condition C above] to the site frontage at minimum 30-35cm girth are considered too large, given the space available.
  • Insufficient definition of the spatial outline / positions for the areas marked up as tarmac, block pavings and flagstone on the site plan.
  • This site is partly overlooked by residential housing with various boundary post and concrete panel fences, currently covered in graffiti and run down.

Landscape Design Recommendations:

  • Recommend to the client that we retain one mature tree that had a BS: 5837 ‘Trees in relation to Construction’ Category A rated tree.
  • Due to close proximity of car parking spaces reposition the six wooden planter boxes to allow for safe public access.
  • Plant up the narrow spaces adjacent and either side of the site entrance with decorative, evergreen Box hedging.
  • Use three smaller Heavy Standard trees at 3m - 4m height, to be planted at the site frontage.
  • Following the recommendations of the BS: 5837 Tree Survey; the proposed landscaping design as above was incorporated around the retained tree.

Site prior to development (click images to enlarge)

Final Landscape Proposal:

Introduced decorative seasonally flowering climbing plants to soften the boundary fence and selected small garden fruit trees to create a mini orchard which will provide screening between the properties.

The final landscape design also included detailed specifications for ground preparation, a 3 year management and establishment plan for trees, shrubs and turf; which was submitted to the client within one week for planning approval.

Urban Forestry Group satisfied the requirements of all the ‘planning condition 9’ [A-F] as above.

This landscape scheme has been approved by Knowsley Borough Council.

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