Phase 1 Habitat Survey

wildlifeA team of experienced ecologists will assist you in providing a standard Phase 1 Habitat Survey following the ‘Joint Nature Conservation Committee’ [JNCC] environmental audit guidelines 2010. The Phase 1 habitat classification and field survey records vegetation type including wildlife habitats.

This provides you with a basic assessment of habitat type and the potential importance for nature conservation within the site. Each habitat type / feature is identified by way of a brief description. It is allocated a specific name, an alpha-numeric code, and a unique mapping colour.

The Phase 1 Habitat Survey will provide the following ecological information:

  • A site visit that maps out site habitats, including photographs and using the JNCC 10 broad high level habitat categories e.g. grassland, open water, woodland and scrub.
  • Identification of the dominant species within the site and position of species within each habitat.
  • Cross reference to the UK Biodiversity Action Plan and the relevant Local Biodiversity Action Plan.
  • Target-noting using the DAFOR rating of features of ecological significance or those unable to be mapped.
  • Produce using AutoCAD a Phase 1 habitat category results map including key using the JNCC habitat mapping palette.
  • Supply a written report that documents the survey results, habitats, assessment details and recommendations including a clear, concise non-technical summary.