Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey:

habitatOur experienced ecologist will provide an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey following the Joint Nature Conservation Committee’s Environmental Audit Guidelines 2010 and the Institute of Environmental Assessment’s Guidelines for Baseline Ecological Assessment, 1995.

The Phase 1 Habitat Survey provides the user with a basic assessment of habitat type whilst the ‘extended’ component details the potential value of the site for nature conservation and protected species.

The Phase 1 habitat survey provides the user with a basic assessment of habitat type and the potential importance for nature conservation within the site.

Each habitat type / feature is identified by way of a brief description. It is allocated a specific name, an alpha-numeric code, and a unique mapping colour.

As an example an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey -

  • A site visit that maps out site habitats, including photographs and using the JNCC 10 broad high level habitat categories e.g. grassland, open water, woodland and scrub.
  • Identification of the dominant species within the site and position of species within each habitat.
  • Target-noting using the DAFOR rating of features of ecological significance or those unable to be mapped.
  • Produce using AutoCAD a Phase 1 habitat category results map including key using the JNCC habitat mapping palette.
  • Supply a written report that documents the survey results, habitats, assessment details and recommendations including a clear, concise non-technical summary.
  • Desk study including any protected sites within 1km and any records of legally protected or notable species within 1km.
  • Hedgerow assessment [OPTIONAL - This will assess the presence of species rich hedgerows, such as those which meet the criteria for funding or are identified under hedgerow regulations].
  • Protected species habitat assessment.
  • Biodiversity action plan habitat assessment including reference to UK and Local BAP reports throughout.
  • Invasive species survey.
  • Recommendations.

habitat-wildlifeWe can also undertake dedicated protected species surveys where they are deemed necessary. All protected species surveys follow industry best practise survey guidelines, including seasonal restrictions on when certain surveys can be undertaken.