UFG Drawing Guidelines: A step by step guide

  • Prior to the commencement of UFG services; the Client is to supply to Urban Forestry Group, with an accurate *.dwg site plan, that is provided in an ‘easy to work with format’, as described in the following ‘UFG Drawing Guidelines’ step by step guide:
  • If this is not possible, and to speed the supply of the work; Urban Forestry Group can provide you with a ‘technical drawing service’, to set up the *.dwg site plan provided, to enable the work to start.
  • If you require our technical drawing service’; please email your *.dwg site plan to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Urban Forestry Group will contact you with a solution.

UFG Drawing Guidelines: A step by step guide -

  1. Please, can you provide Urban Forestry Group with a simple uncluttered *.dwg site plan / topographical survey, that includes the correct Ordnance Survey; 6-digit 'National Grid, Northings and Eastings' co-ordinates, without any alteration to the grid scale.
  2. Please make sure that your ‘existing site plan’ and if applicable; your ‘proposed site plan’ are supplied on the same drawing, set out directly next to each other, in line and at the same scale and orientation.
  3. The *.dwg site plan clearly illustrates both the numbers and the positions of the trees to be surveyed, including the ‘site survey boundary’, a north direction, the paper size, a KEY and a fixed measurement in metres.
  4. Please include on the *.dwg site plan the drawing scale and paper size e.g. 1:200 @ A1, including drawing revision details, that clearly explains the building design, foundation type and depth.
  5. Provide on the *.dwg site plan details any proposed alterations to the ground levels, any built up ground, underground structures, layout of service routes, driveways, entrance ways, car parking spaces, pavements and boundary treatments.
  6. All elements on the drawing should be unblocked, with any redundant xref references, html links, remnants, copies and /or fragments of previous drawings removed.
  7. Ensure that all the drawing elements e.g. lines, building outlines, roadways, services, street furniture and landscape are all located on their correct individual layers, that can be easily switched on and off.
  8. Any areas of hatching, are not connected to other layers and that the *.dwg site plan does not contain multiple copies of the same layer/s on top of one another.
  9. Both the existing and proposed site plans are to be drawn in black. Please do not use unclear and faint text and building outline colours e.g. yellow and light green.
  10. Please ensure that the *.dwg site plan provided, including any revisions, can be opened using a current version of AutoCAD and is free of any error messages.

On completion of setting out your *.dwg site plan as requested in the above drawing guidelines; please would you now Email your *.dwg site plan to Urban Forestry Group, by clicking on the following link.

If you have any questions; please do not hesitate to contact Urban Forestry Group, who will be happy to assist you.